Mission Muskaan

A portion of our proceeds go towards funding a rotating lineup of local and global charity partners.
See how your lipstick can make a difference.
We give you the power to decide which charity the portion of your purchases’ proceeds will go to, so your support goes to something you feel strongly about. At checkout select one of our partnering local or global charities to help spread the love! When the charities change, we’ll send an email informing you the total amount donated to each charity, a perfect way to see how your lipstick made a difference. 

THAAKAT Foundation 

Thaakat (translates to "strong") believes in restoring hope to those who have been outcast from society. They work to progress global communities through sustainable education and healthcare development projects. Today, Thaakat has adopted three global villages in which they are helping to make strides for the communities every day. 100% of donations go directly to people and projects in need.

MUSKAAN'S Chosen project: Little Promises

Sierra Leone’s maternal mortality rates are the highest in the world and a third of all infants do not live to see the age of five. Thaakat's goal is to increase child and maternal survival rates by providing free and quality access to healthcare. As a part of the total solution-- health staff, traditional birth assistants and clinic aides work together to improve access to services for common childhood illnesses, safe motherhood, nutrition and immunizations.

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District Mugs is a volunteer group that introduces entrepreneurship and business concepts to homeless men and women in Washington, D.C. by teaching them how to design, market, and sell coffee mugs.  Participants in the District Mugs program also have the opportunity to earn a small income from the sale of their coffee mugs. They partner with other nonprofit organizations in D.C. to identify homeless persons who might benefit from the program.  As a part of their efforts, District Mugs conducts weekly workshops that involve teaching participants basic business skills and providing them with art instruction so they may design their own coffee mugs. They also organize regular pop-ups where participants are able to market and sell their mugs to members of the community..

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Our exclusive hydra-matte formula blends organic and natural ingredients to give the matte look you love with a moisturized, easy-to-apply, and lightweight feel for a Cozy on the Lips™ wear. The highly pigmented colors are super versatile and perfect for any skin type. We’ve also taken the extra steps to make sure our formula meets Halal and Gluten-Free certifications, so every shade was cleanly created with zero contaminations of such materials in preparation, processing, manufacturing and storage. There are NO animal-derived substances of non-Halal origin, GMOs, or alcohol.

Sabeen Zia has always appreciated those simple but heartfelt moments of happiness. Inspired by her Pakistani roots, the brand takes its name from the Urdu word for smile. Chemistry, development, branding— you name it, Sabeen has had a hand in it. Pretty smart, right? Her extensive experience in the lab helped pave the way for the lip line, as she pays close attention to every detail of the process to provide customers with an eco-friendly and high-quality lipstick. Sabeen has put her whole heart into these products, giving every customer a reason to smile.